#100DaysOfCode Day 26 - Object-Oriented Swift

Hi there! Today was Day 26 of #100DaysOfCode and I haven't written about my progress of #100DaysOfCode in a while. That's because I have been suffering from eyestrain and severe headache for the past 3 days, so I've limited my Computer usage.

But here is a quick summary of my progress:

  • Day 23: Read about Structs and Classes in Swift.
  • Day 24: Learned about Structs from Treehouse's Swift Track, and did code challenges.
  • Day 25: Learned about Classes in Swift from Treehouse's Swift Track.

And now, let's talk about Day 26. Today, I completed the Object-Oriented Swift Course. I've been learning Object-Oriented Swift from the course since last 2 days. Finally, today I've finished the course.

Apart from that, I did some code challenges that were given in the course. The challenges were moderate but required decent understanding of Object-Oriented Programming concepts. Once you grasp the concepts, it's really easy to attempt the code challenges.

In this course, I've learned about many concepts of Object Oriented Programming in Swift 3. For example: Methods, Custom Initializers, Classes, Helper Methods, Inheritance in Swift, Overriding methods and properties, Structs vs. Classes, Value and Reference Types and many more... I knew some of these already before starting the course, but this course was specific to Swift, so I had to take the course.

I've been struggling with the problem of eyestrain for last 3 days, and it has caused severe headache. There were moments when I just wanted to take a break from the #100DaysOfCode challenge because I couldn't keep my eye open in front of the monitor.

My Eyes hurt!

But, it's fine right now. I just need to spend a little less time on my Mac if I want this eyestrain to go forever, otherwise It's gonna come back soon.

So, that's it for today. Tomorrow is Sunday, so probably I'm going to chill out a bit. But I'll write code for at least an hour no matter if it's Sunday or if it's world war. That's my commitment!

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Au Revoir!

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