Day 36 of #100DaysOfCode - Polyphasic Sleep and Swift

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." ~ Robert Collier

When I first started the #100DaysOfCode challenge, I made some changes to my routine and thinking to make sure that this challenge doesn't end up being "Just another New Year's Resolution". And here I'm, alive and kicking, in week 6.

What makes Week 6 a special week is the great feeling that I'm about to finish reading my first book of 2017, if you remember, I publicly committed to read & finish at least 2 Technical books each quarter. And I hope to finish the book this week or It might another week if things doesn't go according to the plan. But, I'll make sure to finish it by 18 Feb.

Talking about #100DaysOfCode, today I learned about Value Types and Reference Types in Object-Oriented Programming in Swift. It's still just Swift stuff, I'm about to dive into iOS after I finish this book. As I said earlier in another post, I don't want to skim through Swift. Apart from that, I did some Katas on CodeWars. It was fun.

Yesterday, I started Polyphasic Sleeping, and I have to say that it's pretty amazing how you can get the most out of your daily just by tweaking your sleeping schedule. Last night, I just slept for just about 3.5 hours, and when I woke up, I felt super charged up. Although, I had to take a couple of naps.

I woke up in Beast Mode Image Credit: Millionaire's Sayings

So, that's it for today. Here is my #100DaysOfCode Github repository. If you like this repo and find it useful, please consider ★ starring it (on top right of the page).

If you’re also taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge, let me know. We can hangout sometime, and talk about each other’s progress on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter and Github.


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