Does 2018 even matter?

To me, yes it does matters a lot. Although I do not believe in "New Year, New Me" kinda philosophy, but still 2018 is really important for me. Why? Well, this year, I have made a huge commitment to myself that I'll leave everything else, and learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Now that might seem a pretty difficult task, and believe me it is (I'm scared to the core) and a vague goal too ­čśĽ, and that's why I'm allotting the next 2-3 years of my life to learning AI, because one simply can't learn a huge field of Computer Science in just 12 months.

My plan for 2018:

  • Start and Graduate from The Deep Learning Nanodegree by Udacity. [DONE]
  • Take Andrew Ng's Deep Learning Specialization. [DONE]
  • Improve my Python Programming skills. [ALWAYS DOING]
  • Start participating on Kaggle.
  • Read a lot of books.

I'll kick start 2018 with Udacity's Deep Learning Nanodegree. While I already know Python, and since I'm studying Linear Algebra, I thought the Deep Learning Nanodegree is a good place to start, not to mention I already have a subscription of DataCamp to help me get through those crazy Python Data Science Libraries.

In February, I intend to start participating on Kaggle as someone on my Twitter advised me to start doing Kaggle competition a bit early than I intended to do initially.

I also have a yearly DataCamp subscription, so that will help me learn all the Data Science libraries in Python. After that I'll start Term 1 of the Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree.

I am also looking to start a #365DaysOfCode challenge for myself, so that I can make a habit of writing code every single day. The rules for #365DaysOfCode are :

  • I'll write code every single day for the next 365 days (hopefully, in a row).
  • In order to qualify for #365DaysOfCode, I must study and write code for at least an hour.

Apart from all this stuff, I'll also be reading a ton of technical and non-technical books, here is my Reading List if you're interested.

And what are your Dev Goals for 2018? Do let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! ­čľľ­čĆ╗