My honest self-evaluation after completing #100DaysOfCode

Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable. ~ John Wooden

I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge as a part of my New Year's resolution. It all started when I read a blog post on FreeCodeCamp’s blog, written by Alexander Kallaway titled as "Boot Up 2017 with the #100DaysOfCode Challenge". It inspired me to start off 2017 with the #100DaysOfCode Challenge.

Yesterday, I successfully completed my first #100DaysOfCode challenge of the year, and here is my 100% self-evaluation of what I have achieved while doing this challenge.

Before starting the #100DaysOfCode, I had a clear picture in my mind about what I want to accomplish with this challenge. I wanted to learn Swift, and with that I wanted to break into iOS Development. With my previous failed attempts in learning iOS, I knew one thing that I have to master Swift to really make complete sense of what's going on in iOS.

You may not agree with me, but that's just what I believe. To start with iOS, you have to clear your basics in Swift first, otherwise you are setting yourself for failure.

To start with the challenge, I gradually worked my way through Swift by learning from different resources. Treehouse's Swift Track and Swift Programming - The Big Nerd Ranch guide worked really well for me. Also, a huge help came from Bob Lee, and that really accelerated the whole process for me.

I read and finished the Swift Programming - The Big Nerd Ranch Guide and completed the Swift Track from Treehouse in about first 55 days. I knew that I haven't mastered Swift completely, but I did the Object-Oriented and Protocol oriented Swift part really well, and that was enough to get started into iOS Development.

It actually started to make sense of all the cryptic Swift code in the iOS App Development, and now I felt much more confident with it. But iOS is not only about Swift, that's one part but there are many to master.

After that, I started working on iOS Development. I started learning about the different components in iOS development such as Auto-layouts, Delegation, and Views. In this whole process, I developed a simple iOS game and iMessage Sticker app for fun. During this whole process, I also attended my first Hackathon and that was really amazing experience.

During this whole challenge, if there was one thing that I struggled with is to sit down and write code every single day. And I did that pretty well, I think. I'm really happy that I sticked to the plan and finally completed this challenge. The most important key to my success in this challenge was "Realistic planning" and the community did a great work in motivating me every day.

Shout-outs to Alexander Kallaway, and the entire #100DaysOfCode community. And huge thanks to Bob Lee for answering my stupid questions.

I'm not done with the #100DaysOfCode yet. With this previous challenge, I wanted to learn Swift and get started with iOS Development. That's done! Now what? I will start this challenge again from scratch with a bigger goal in mind and will complete it. With the next version of #100DaysOfCode, I want to dive deep into iOS and become a Job ready iOS Developer.

So, that's all for today. If you’re also taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge, let me know.

Thank you everybody for supporting and helping me to conquer this challenge. You are all my heroes. Cheers!


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